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(March 25, 2004) Just a few days before her aneurysm, Kayla was playing in the back yard.(March 26, 2004) ...and she ate her first ice cream on a stick.(Wednesday, March 31, 2004) A day after her surgery, Kayla was affectionately dubbed 'Snowbaby.'
(March 31, 2004) Hooked to every tube and device imaginable...(April 2, 2004) Kayla's incision is healing quite nicely.
(April 3, 2004) Kayla is sporting her Easter bonnet and a pink cooling blanket.(April 5, 2004) Nurse Annie is taking good care of Kayla.
(April 6, 2004) Kayla peeks for a moment, before succumbing to the sedation.(April 6, 2004) Back asleep again.
(April 6, 2004) Austin visits the Fort Discovery Museum while his little sister continues to recover.(April 9, 2004) Kayla's staples come out!!!A view of the Children's Medical Center (Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA) from the outside.
(April 12, 2004) Paul and Lisa get to hold Kayla for the first time.(April 14, 2004) Kayla is glad to have most of the tubes out!
(April 14, 2004) Improving every day!(April 16, 2004) Austin and Kayla on the porch of the 4th floor at MCG.(April 16, 2004) Kayla enjoys being outside for a while.
(April 16, 2004 Kayla's only job is to be cute.(April 16, 2004) Kayla's crazy relatives and friends are making her giggle.(April 27, 2004) Kayla waves bye to the Children's Medical Center in Augusta and heads to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite.
(April 30, 2004) Austin and Kayla in Atlanta.(April 30, 2004) In a few more days, brother and sister will be able to be home together.

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