One Year Later

March 11, 2005

March 28, 2004--that's certainly a day I will never ever forget! It's hard for me to believe that in less than three weeks it will be one year since Kayla began her miraculous journey (and we, too, began the journey as well). I cannot lie--there are days when I feel so overwhelmed by it all, even still. Why isn't Kayla completely restored, completely healed as I've more than daily prayed? Why does she have to endure all these therapies day after day, week after week with sometimes very little noticeable progress? Why is that 11-month-old child sitting next to us able to clap with two hands and my daughter cannot at almost 34 months? Why can't we connect with another family somewhere out there that has been down a similar road and can reassure us that things are going the way they should be? Lots of questions.sometimes even lots of doubt.but I do know this; I wouldn't trade ANY of the time I've had with my daughter (special needs or not) FOR ANYTHING! I thank God every chance I get for the blessing of her life and that He allowed her to survive this catastrophic ordeal basically in tact. There is NO QUESTION in my mind that her brain's ability to process information, learn and remember was hardly compromised because God was right there with her! What she is, unmistakably, is a MIRACLE FROM GOD and I thank you all for your prayers--and continued thoughts and prayers as we slowly travel down her road to recovery. It apparently is going to be a longer road than I'd ever imagined.so please keep praying for complete healing!

In terms of recent progress, her vocabulary continues to grow and her speech is improving by leaps and bounds. In many ways, her speech is back to normal--praise God! Walking is still a bit unsteady; she falls probably a little more than the average child her age. She walks with an obvious limp and her right foot is more pigeon-toed than it really should be, even with her AFO brace and Theratog brace she has to regularly wear. Her fine motor skills are still virtually non-existent in her right hand. What she does try to do is completely command based-she'll reluctantly try things if we ask her to but rarely will she do so on her own. We have begun a couple of relatively new treatment options which we are cautiously optimistic about. Personality wise, she is just as spunky and sassy as ever! I think those qualities will continue to give her the determination she needs to overcome these physical challenges. She is much more sensitive to any kind of reprimand than she used to be, which makes discipline a bit more difficult. Apparently that sensitivity is very likely a direct result of the brain injury, so she often gets very upset over the seemingly smallest things. Financially, her therapies are now running about $2,000 a month, which insurance only covers at 80%, leaving us about $400 a month that we are responsible for out-of-pocket. We have applied for a Deeming Waiver, which assists families in situations like ours if certain criteria are met. It has been almost six months and we still have not received word as to whether or not she will be approved for this program. I beg each of you to pray that she will be approved soon--it would be of such benefit to us financially since $400 a month out-of-pocket adds up very quickly.

For those of you who are willing to, we respectfully ask you to again submit cards, letters and e-mails to Kayla in honor of her upcoming one year anniversary or "re-birth" from this crisis, which began March 28, 2004. I would love nothing more than to show her an overflowing basket of well wishes, thoughts and prayers. God's got something BIG planned for her-and I don't want her to ever forget what He's brought her through and the support and love she's had from each of you along the way! Please feel free to use either Kayla's web-page contact link, our church's P.O. Box (also on Kayla's web-page), or our home address if you already have it. Due to possible security issues, we have been advised not to list our home address on a public website.

Thank you all in advance for your help with this request! God bless each and every one of you! Hug your children a little tighter and never forget how much you've been blessed by their lives, even during the tough times!

Much Love,


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