Holiday 2004 Greetings from the Jones Family!

Hope this greeting finds you healthy, happy and enjoying the Holiday season. Our family has had quite the year—honestly I’m a bit nervous about what 2005 will bring. Who knows what new trials are ahead, …but I do know that God will help us deal with whatever the new year brings our way!

March 28, 2004 has become a day I will never forget. Our daughter Kayla, then 22 months old, suffered a brain aneurysm that truly should have killed her then & there. God intervened through the talents of some wonderful surgeons, therapists and hospital staff. Her six hour brain surgery was successful, but subsequent vasospasms caused a stroke that paralyzed the right side of her body from head to toe. In the past eight months, Kayla has learned to eat, walk and talk again. She is still in therapy five times a week, walks with a limp and cannot use her right hand as yet but has come a long way! We are so glad God answered our prayers and saved our little girl. What a miracle!

Please pray that Kayla will regain full use of the right side of her body in the coming year. For those of you who prayed for us, cared for us and contributed to Kayla’s fund, WE THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts! We couldn’t have gotten through this valley without the support of our wonderful parents, dearest friends and their generous and selfless spirit! All of you are so very appreciated!

Austin, —our beloved son—Austin! It’s hard to be a sibling of a special needs sister. In spite of our family’s sometimes difficult changes he’s done very well and is an awesome big brother. He’s enjoying 1st grade and will begin a special program called Quest in 2005. It will challenge his extremely gifted mind and I know he will love being a part of it! His passions of late are learning about space, constellations, and geocaching. We are very proud of him! God has richly blessed us with our handsome son.

Paul and I are still working hard—he as an engineer at Viracon (not to mention his truly awesome “daddy” abilities) and me as a stay-at-home mom/therapist/chauffeur/chef/ housekeeper/referee, etc. We haven’t had too much free time with all Kayla’s doctor appointments and therapy appointments, but when we do we manage to enjoy a few moments together as our crazy schedules allow!

We did manage to escape to Pawley’s Island, SC for a much needed family vacation in September and really enjoyed ourselves. In spite of some rainy weather, the beach was pristine and so very peaceful. If only we could do that more often. . .

Best wishes to you and yours. Our sincere hope is that you become closer to those you love in 2005. Never take even a moment for granted with your children or your family. We’ve learned first hand this year that YOU TRULY MAY NOT HAVE TOMORROW—SO MAKE TODAY COUNT!


May God bless you richly in 2005!

Love, Lisa

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